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Squaring The Circle
source: '64 Hollywood Bowl & Newport

Disc one:
Hollywood Bowl, Sep. 3, 1965
She Belongs To Me 
To Ramona 
Gates of Eden 
It's All Over Now Baby Blue 
Desolation Row 
Love Minus Zero 
Mr. Tambourine Man 
I Don't Believe You 
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues 
From A Buick Six 
Maggie's Farm 
Ballad Of A Thin Man 
Like A Rolling Stone 
Disc two:
Newport July 25, 1965:
Paul Butterfield Blues Band:
Blues With A Feeling
Yonder Comes Your Man
Born In Chicago
Mellow Down Easy
Maggie's Farm
Maggie's Farm
Like A Rolling Stone
It Takes A Lot To Laugh
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
Mr. Tambourine Man
Newport July 26, 1964:
All I Really Want To Do 
To Ramona 
Chimes Of Freedom

An interesting 1993 release by DIYE, this was limited to 500 numbered copies. The first disc covers the bulk of the historic Hollywood Bowl, while disc two focuses on the Butterfield Blues Band, and the two Newport performances. The artwork is superb. The front cover is from the picture sleeve of the 45 RPM release of I Want You. The insert back is a digitally enhanced 1965 Newport image of Bob in his famous polka dot shirt and Ray-Bans. The picture discs are photos by Jim Marshall. Disc one is a rare  shot of Dylan wandering backstage at Newport '64, and disc two is the famous "NYC Tire Kick" from 1963. The backgrounds have been edited out of each. The liner is a Dylan painting that he did for a 1968 issue of Sing Out magazine.
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Disc one:
Hollywood Bowl, LA September 3, 1965
Disc two:
Newport Folk Festival July 25 1965
Newport Folk Festival July 26, 1964

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Diamonds in your Ears / DIYE 70/71

8 stars

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