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True Confessions For Carol
source: Sydney, February 24, 1986

Disc one
Justine (Don Harris/Dewy Terry)
Positively 4th Street 
Clean Cut Kid 
I'll Remember You 
Trust Yourself 
That Lucky Old Sun (Gillespie/ Smith)
Masters of War 
Bye Bye Johnny [Petty]
Straight Into Darkness (Listed as Breakdown)[Petty]
Hard Rain (acoustic - Dylan solo)
Girl Of the North Country (acoustic - Dylan solo)
It's Alright, Ma  (acoustic - Dylan solo)
I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know (Null)
Just Like a Woman 
I'm Moving On (Hank Snow)
Lenny Bruce
Disc two
When the Night Comes Falling From the Sky 
Lonesome Town 
Ballad of a Thin Man 
Rock-n-Roll Star  [Petty]
Refugee  [Petty]
Rainy Day Women 
Seeing the Real You at Last 
Across the Borderline (Cooder/Hiatt)
I and I 
Like a Rolling Stone 
In the Garden 
Blowin' in the Wind 
Uranium Rock (Warren Smith)
Knockin' On Heaven's Door

This set has been previously released as Lonesome Town on the Japanese Watchtower label. However, Rattlesnake has corrected the problems that were evident on that release. The sound is more upfront and dynamic, and the mix (which was at times muddy, with distant vocals on Lonesome Town) is now perfect. To my ears, the tape speed problems are also absent. It's a full step up in quality from an already fine soundboard to an astounding one. It's a great performance, with Dylan rocking and rolling throughout. The vocals are powerful and commanding on every song. He's even quite talkative between numbers! The packaging is superlative (even for Rattlesnake) It's beautifully designed, and full of wonderful photos. The only gripe would be that the source is incorectly attributed to Adeladeon the back cover*
This is a must have disc, and comes very highly recommended. 
© 2003 M McGarr / bobsboots.com
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Sydney, Australia February 24, 1986
* (Incorrectly listed as Adelade, Feb.15 on packaging) 

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Rattlesnake /   RS 124/25 
Nov. 2002

10 stars
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* There has been some debate as to whether the initial attribution of Sydney, Australia February 24, 1986 was correct, (which could explain why the date & venue is wrong on this release) with some people even suggesting that the discs were a compilation of various soundboard sources, passed off by the label as a single complete show. It has now been discovered that the initial venue listing of Sydney, Australia February 24, 1986 is indeed correct and that the 'Lonesome Town' and 'True Confessions For Carol' discs DO contain the COMPLETE show and are NOT compiled from various sources.
© 2003 M McGarr / Bobsboots.com
Thanks to Mike McGarr for scans and review

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