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Weberman Phone Calls
source:  Phone tap & MSG '71 show

Edited telephone conversations
Hard Rain
Blowin' In The Wind
It Takes A Lot To Laugh
Love Minus Zero
Just Like A Woman

This fan release contains the Dylan-Weberman telephone conversations recorded by the self proclaimed 'Dylanologist' and long time Dylan antagonist A.J. Weberman on January 6, and  January 9, 1971. The telephone conversations were soon after released to the public as a Broadside/Folkways LP entitled "Bob Dylan vs. A.J. Weberman." The LP was soon pulled from the shelves by the legal clout of CBS. It has since become a high dollar collectible. This particular recording is taken from the super clean LP bootleg 'Grudge Match', which was directly recorded from a pristine 'official'  LP. 
The filler material is from the afternoon MSG concert of 1971. The first and last songs were broadcast over FM radio WNEW, NY. Only the evening show has been officially released (The Concert for Bangla Desh - Apple Records).
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Voice: Taped 1971 phone conversation
Music: Madison Square Garden, NY 8/01/71

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
 Reference Recording BDY-004 

Released:  0000

Quality:  8-9 stars

Bob's Boots ref  #  BB-w09

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