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Note: If you are not a Bob Dylan collector, and are simply investigating the crimes of attorney Gilbert Walker, please keep in mind that Walker uses many aliases. Among them are Bill, Bill Clinton, William J. Clinton, Monica's Dude, etc. You might find it more expeditious to click the link at the above right to go directly to the proof of his activities.

The owner of bobsboots.com writes:
Dear reader...

Perhaps you have heard of the website monica's dude.
Many know it by the name 'the field recording guide'
Perhaps you have heard of the owner 'Bill Clinton' through on line posts.
Perhaps you have read his catch phrase 'I am William J. Clinton, and I approve this message'.
You might even have heard somewhere that there has always been trouble between the two of us.
If you answered no to these, then this web section might be a bit tiresome for you.

If you answer yes to even one, I implore you to allow me some time.
Many in our community have heard for the past decade of a 'war' between bobsboots.com and Bill Clinton's
the field recording guide. Many have heard of attacks and threats that we have made against him. Some even have their opinions that one or the other site is right or wrong in the matter.

Let me emphatically state for those that think they know...
They do not.

Why? Because for the last decade there has been a real life (not just online) drama of lies, betrayal, threats, manipulations, fraudulent attorney letters, and other crimes that include everything from online virus and spam attacks to real life phone calls threatening rape and murder.

Now do you think you know the story?
You have no idea.

You might be thinking to yourself "I've heard the two of you go at it before on message board after message board... one doing this the other doing that..."

You are mistaken.

The truth is, NOTHING that you have EVER read about problems between bobsboots and monica's dude is true. Why? Because there were never problems between us. I have never said the first cross word to or about Bill Clinton. I've never written the first bad word about the 'field recording guide'. I've never spoken or written anything degrading or unpleasant to him, nor has anyone else acting on my behalf. To the contrary, I offered a lending hand to him when he was in trouble.

You have NEVER heard my side, because there has NEVER been a "my side" publicly spoken or written of anywhere either on line or off line. Everything that you have ever thought that you knew about problems between us is false. Nothing that you have EVER READ IS TRUE.

Yet, you have NEVER heard anything like what you are about to read.

Following is an expose' on perhaps the most evil mind in the Dylan community.
Please allow me this opportunity to help you and the Dylan community to understand who this person is, what he has done in attempts to destroy the Dylan community, how much he has lied to you... and how far he has gone with it. The truth is out there... But you have never imagined it....

FINALLY... Learn the truth about Monica's dude