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About The Store
All items in the store are pertaining to Bob Dylan
All items in the store are for sale and are priced in US dollars
Most items are out of print, rare, one-of-a-kind, or unique in some way;
and once sold, cannot be easily replaced in the store

Items can currently be purchased with your credit card or check using pay pal,
or you can mail payment in the form of money orders or travelers checks drawn on US funds
by sending us an email and asking for our snail mail address

We are vehemently opposed to counterfeit and/or pirate recordings,
and therefore there will be no such item offered for sale on our site.
While we don't necessarily take the same view of bootleg material,
the majority of that material is not licensed in all parts of the world.
Therefore, there will be no such item offered for sale on our site.

That's not  just an empty, rhetorical statement for legal reasons...
we, in fact, DO NOT sell bootleg material. We have no sources for
it. If that is the only items you are seeking, you might try our guide
page by clicking HERE.

However, there are many, many wonderful collectibles, LPs, CDs, artwork,
etc. that will be offered on the site.
Be sure to stop by often to see new additions.

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