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Hold the Fort for What It's Worth source:  5-16-76 

Side one: 
Going, Going, Gone 
Idiot Wind 
It Ain't Me, Babe 
Deportee (with Baez)

Side four: 
I Pity the Poor Immigrant (with Baez) 
Shelter from the Storm 
When I Paint My Masterpiece**
I Don't Believe You*
Blowin' in the Wind (with Baez)**

Side two: 
Where Did Vincent Van Gogh? 
One Too Many Mornings 
Stuck inside of Mobile 

Side three: 
Oh Sister 
You're a Big Girl Now 
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome
Lay Lady lay 
Railroad Boy (with Baez) 

An oddity to note is that side four of the album  is pressed on the reverse of side one.  This is a practice that a few legitimate manufacturers began in the 70's to accommodate stacking the albums together on automatic turntables, and being able to play side one and two and/or side three and four without having to get up to flip the records. Convenient maybe, but hard on the vinyl. Thanks, Bee!
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Front Cover
Back Cover
HAR Label (Hoffman Ave.) released this set in 1976.  Simple, yet striking black and white cover. Song lineup on back with interesting liner notes.  Nice looking full printed silver 'Wicked messenger labels.' The vinyl is beautiful! This is one of the nicest looking splatter vinyls that I have ever seen. Although the package remained the same, there were several different issues of various color vinyl. The original was black and white splatter. A second issue had black and clear splatter. The piece shown is the third issue. After this, there was an issue that had one solid gold, and one solid green LP. Lastly, the piece was reissued on black vinyl with blank labels. Unfortunately, the sound quality is not up to the same standard as the package. The show is from the Rolling Thunder tour in Texas, May 16, 1976. Also included is a track from *New Haven Nov. 13 1975; and two from **Hartford, Nov. 24, 1975.
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It would be hard to produce a piece as nice looking as this without wanting to give yourself at little pat on the back. In the liner notes there is a section thanking certain individuals by first name. The first four names that the album is dedicated to are Lou & Char, and Sean & Mark. Each album side contains one of these names in the matrix area of the runoff. 
Side 1- Lou  Side 2- Char  Side 3- Sean  Side 4- Mark
The producer is listed as Elsie Joonyer. That would be the infamous Lou Cohan, Jr. (LC Jr.) The FBI already figured that out, so we're not giving away any secrets.

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3-5 stars    NMP125
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Matrix: HAR 168 - 1/2/3/4
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