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Even after a decade of offering the most comprehensive Bob Dylan bootleg museum in existence, we are still growing, and adding to the site daily. Be sure to check the Daily Update page to keep track of the newest additions. While easily bigger than nearly all other Dylan sites combined, there are still hundreds of items scheduled to appear here in the future. It is a time consuming process to research and catalog all of the information and items, however. Please be patient with us, and you will be rewarded with some fantastic Bob Dylan collectible items on a daily basis.

The main goal of our site is to be a complete and accurate historical library of every Bob Dylan bootleg LP album and commercially available CD to exist. We now chronicle approximately 97% of all LPs ever produced, and about 85% of all CDs. It is far beyond our goal to include small, fan produced CDr  projects, and cassette tape recordings. There are other sites that do a good job with chronicling these. This site is a visual museum intended only for the study and cross reference of the unauthorized commercial bootleg recordings of Bob Dylan. We do not offer any sound bites or audio downloads. 

We welcome your responses and comments. If you find mistakes on our site let us know via e-mail.  If you have additional items that you would be interested in adding to our site, please Let us know.  There are many hundreds of items (even out of alphabetical order), that we have just not been able to catalog at this time due to the enormous work load. However, we will be happy to hear of your item, give you instructions on how to submit it to us, and try to get it on site as soon as possible. 

Of Interest
The bobsboots.com website is the creation of Dr.CD Pinkerton. He has been involved in the music business for over 30 years as a musician, teacher, author, and business owner. He is an avid world class collector of Bob Dylan music and memorabilia. His industry background, intellect, writing abilities, and many years of collecting and cataloging the recordings of Bob Dylan give him a unique perspective for the creation of this massive body of work. By 2001, bobsboots.com was approaching one  million hits per month. In 2003 the average was nearly 1½ million per month, and rising. 2005 saw 2 million hits per month, and the numbers continue to rise. There are currently over 20,000 files, and multiple gigs of images that are on site, and/or linked to the off site locations. Each and every photo or scan on the site is the unique creation of bobsboots.com. Even submitted photos are cropped, sized, orientated, and enhanced to create an aesthetic standard on the site. Every word and track list in the thousands of files in the LP section was written by CD Pinkerton throughout the early 1990's, and is unique to this site. To expedite the process of entering the CD section, non copyrightable information such as some CD titles and track listings have been cut and pasted from various sites on the net such as the indispensable Boblinks. Others have been submitted, but 99% of copyrightable information on site is held by CD Pinkerton / bobsboots.com. By the time a disc is reviewed, photos or scans taken, page created, information entered, and all internal and external page links are attributed, there have been about four hours spent on each title. As you can see, an item or two per day creates a full time job. That is the reason that titles can't appear online any quicker. As we ingressed 2006, economics no longer permited us full time employees. We continued to offer the same high quality reviews as years past, but new items appear every few days rather than daily. 2007 found us in legal struggles with an individual whose true identy we have chosen to protect. He has stolen from us, lied about us, lied to the Dylan comunity about us, as well as made numerous efforts to shut down our site. He goes by the title "Monica's Dude" and has called himself "Bill Clinton", "Anne Thrax", and many other colorful monikers over the years. In real life, he is a failed and dishonest attorney that has wasted his life trying to destroy the lives and hobbies of Bob Dylan fans, among others. If you are a fan or collector of Bob Dylan, and bobsboots, you are doing them an injustice by patronizing the website of this individual. We plan on revealing the true identity and the unbelievable antics of this twisted individual in the future. The future is here.


bobsboots.com contains images and information relating to bootleg record albums and CDs only for use as historical reference, and preservation. We do not condone the practice of bootlegging. This site is a visual museum for the study and cross reference of the unauthorized commercial bootleg recordings of Bob Dylan. We do not offer any sound bites or audio downloads. We do not offer any bootleg item for sale or trade. We are a completely autonomous organization. We are not traders, wholesalers, retailers, distributors or manufacturers of any boot item; nor are we related to, or connected with any such entity. We give permission to others on an individual basis to link to our pages and/or images for descriptive purposes. There are also, of course, an uncontrollable amount of unauthorized links to our pages, and unauthorized usage of our information and images. The pieces shown on the site are all in private collection, and are not for sale or trade. Photos, images and quotes are for description and review, and fall under Fair Use laws. For purpose of review, we will accept gratuitous copies of commercially available items to be included on the site, but will not compensate with endorsement, link, or advertisement.
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