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This site is dedicated to my son, Robert Dylan
My son, Otto
And to Gabrielle, My Angel on earth

Special Thanks

This page is to give special thanks to those people who have touched my 
heart along the journey in this wonderful life of collecting Bob Dylan. 
None of you are forgotten. Although time and circumstance 
has torn us apart, you are always in my heart.
I will always consider you friends.
^- CRAIG -^

The emptiness is endless, and cold as clay
You can always come back, but you can't come back all the way

Sweet Melissa - The love of my dreams
Happiness to me is you and I love you more than blood

Rick B - One of life's true friends 
You will always remain in my heart, & at the top of my list

Bee D - I'll never forget about you
I see your products everywhere, and I think of you often.

Celina- congratulations, Mom! (Thanks for the pics! Beautiful)
Bob in Houston (Yea, you get mentioned twice... 'cause I think that much of you)
Kalman P. Shalom aleichem! (PS: Don't buy a fax from a Lincoln Tunnel dealer
Charlie L. The NY Boss (God watches over you
Ken TMOQ you are the man! You started it all! (Now, can I still come for a visit?)
John Wizardo (The Seekers?..... Really?)
Dieter S. (The true King of Germany)
Greg P.   high! 

John- too cool to fool
Charlie (We left our careers for this?)
Tim the tape man (I still have your black Euro box)
Ritz (saw you at ebay!) How are the cats?
Terry P. The best imports from a great guy
It's Only Rock-n-Roll
Dave in Dallas
Gary S. (I see you're a TV star now. Have a KittyCat Christmas.)

The late, great Gary Marginal, who put on his traveling boots
(If you knew Gary, ... send me an email)

Some of these bootleggers, they make pretty good stuff

Although I can't list you all by name, thanks to all of you in the Village, 
New York, Montrose, Houston, Boston, the guys "out west", Germany, 
LA, PA., Dallas, MA., ME., Memphis, Quincy, Columbus, VA, the 'east coast' 
and everyone between here and there. 

It's not dark yet, but it's getting there

Hey, Shayne! 
Hey, Jim!
Hey, Inka!
Hey, Todd!
Hey, Mary!
Hey, Beatles Bruce!
Hey, Rasta Bruce!
Hey, Dipper!


Jessica, I will always love you. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you... and miss you. 

© 1995, 1997, 1999, 2002, 2005 CD Pinkerton - bobsboots.com 

This has been placed for you, in the hope that somehow, someway, somewhere, someday you will seek it out.
That someday you will find it in your heart to want to learn the truth.
To no longer be blinded by the cloudy eyes and the misplaced bitterness of  youth.
I am here for you. Hurting. Longing
As long as I live, I will live in the dream of the memory of you.

Jessica Pinkerton, Jessica Lynn Jessi Janet