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Just like the newspaper variety, but online and devoted to Bob Dylan and related items. This is to be used by the public for one time sell items. All are invited. You do not have to be a bobsboots.com member to buy or sell. Please, no retailers. Item can be anything except for homemade CDR, or other consumer recorded medium. All item sales are handled between buyer and seller. bobsboots.com has nothing to do with these transactions. We will, however, act as middleman between buyer and seller if needed. Please inform us when you no longer have need for the ad, or if you find that one of the below ads are no longer valid. There is no charge by bobsboots.com for using this service. Money is listed in USA $ unless noted.
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Sale Item(s) (All money will be listed in USA $ unless noted)
For Sale:
Item: Genuine 1966 box set 8 gold discs, complete with posters and postcards, excellent condition
Price: $200 (or nearest offer)

PayPal preferred, but contact for alternative
Philip Birtwistle
For Sale:
BOB DYLAN - Angel Of Rain
Rattlesnake RS226, 1CD jewel case 
1984 European Tour rehearsal, Beverly Hills 23 May 1984, 23 tracks.
1CD ... US$ 25
BOB DYLAN - Farewell
Gipsy Disc FW20027/28, 2CD jewel case 
MSG, New York City 8 December 1975, 25 tracks.
2CD ... US$ 38
BOB DYLAN - Live In Berlin 1990
Dildo Records, 1CD standard jewel case
Berlin 5 July 1990, 17 tracks.
1CD ... US$ 25
 All originals, no CDR.May have more soon! ... email for update.

Shipping cost/instructions/etc:
$8 1st CD, $4 extra additional CDs OUTSIDE EUROPE.
$4 1st CD, $2 extra additional CDs INSIDE EUROPE/UK
These are silver CD's with original liners, the condition of each are stated beside the title. Unless noted, the liners look perfect. I took pictures of everything, you can see them all here:  http://s780.photobucket.com/albums/yy90/johanvanc/?albumview=slideshow

There are no prices, I'm asking you to make an offer. I realize that some of these are on the rare side (I've seen the Scorpio set sell for $500), so please be realistic. This is my father's collection, the proceeds are going to him and I'd like to give him as much as possible, so please allow some time for your offer to be considered.

The Genuine Bootleg Series (3xCD, Scorpio 94-14-01/02/03) (Light marks and scratches on discs 2 & 3, more severe on disc 1. They'll probably play through fine, I just wish they looked better. Includes the Scorpio inner sleeves for discs 1 & 2, missing #3. The cardboard fold-out sleeve and 48-page booklet look great)

Before The Crash vol. 1 (Music With Love 001) (Perfect)
Before The Crash vol. 2 (Music With Love 003) (A few small scratches at the very end, might affect the last few minutes)
Clean Cuts (Sick Cat GRAB003) (Perfect)
Creatures Void Of Form (Razor's Edge 001) (Perfect)
The Critic's Choice vol. 8 (Wanted Man 70) (Perfect)
Dared To Be Free (RC 2109, www.bobsboots.com/CDs/cd-d61.html) (Perfect)
Don't Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream (DIYE 44) (A few small marks, not too severe)
Going to Arlington (SiRa 49/50) (Both CD's are nearly perfect)
Golden Vanity (Wanted Man 002) (Nice overall but has a few small scratches)
Guitars Kissing & The Contemporary Fix (2xCD) (Disc 1 is perfect, disc 2 has a few scratches after the recorded material)
Himself (2xCD) (A few light scratches on both CD's after the recorded material. The cardboard digipack looks great, a little wear on the edges)
Important Words (Wanted Man 014) (Nearly Perfect. Some notes are written on the liner in pencil)
Never Ending Tour Rehearsals (2xCD) (Perfect)
Odds & Ends vol 1 (Sick Cat 006) (Perfect)
Paranoid Blues (A few light marks, nothing major)
Political World (Westwood 61) (One fairly deep scratch 3/5 through, it's perfect otherwise. It's a 45 min. CD, so it will only affect the last song or two)
Revisiting Autobahn '95 (A few light scratches near the end)
Solid Rock (2xCD, Wanted Man 005/6) (Nearly perfect. A date is written on the liner in pen)
Staying Here With You (2xCD, Wanted Man 018/19) (A few light marks on disc 1, a few deep marks 2/3 through on disc 2. Some notes are written on the liner in pencil)
Toad's Place vol. 1 (2xCD, Wanted Man 027/28) (A few light marks on disc 1, disc 2 is nearly perfect)
Toad's Place vol. 2 (2xCD, Wanted Man 029/30) (A few light scratches after the recorded material)

Shipping cost/instructions/etc: $3 US, $5 Int'l. Combine to save on postage.
Johan Van C
bobsboots.com trader name: JohanVanC
For Sale: original factory pressed cds
Item: the complete circulating freewheelin sessions
Price: $100.00 or near offer
Shipping cost/instructions/etc: prefer paypal , please email  for shipping costs
kevin hayeck
For Sale: original factory pressed cds
genuine 1966 box set 8 gold discs, posters and postcards  vgc
$200.00 or near offer .i have several other  dylan cds for sale at reasonable prices. please email
Shipping cost/instructions/etc: i prefer paypal

kevin hayeck

For Sale:  Bakhalls Literara Roster; Swedish CD in excellent, like-new condition.

Price:  $40.00 includes shipping anywhere in USA.
For Sale: DVD set
Item: RTR Video Anthology 1975-76 2DVD, Watchdog label, perfect conditon
Price: $35 includes postage anywhere in USA


For Sale:Various Dylan LP’s

Item:Original pressing – HW61 revisited, Planet Waves, shot of love, self portrait (signed). Bootlegs – Life Sentence, Tangled up in blood, Great White Wonder, Hurricane benefit, Touch of Grey, CONTACT ME FOR FULL LIST
Price:Neg  Shipping cost/instructions/etc:Australia
Andy Dunn
Clouds of Blood  2 CD $45 US ex condition
summer of zero 8(12 disc plus 2 DVD) 2008 $100 US ex con
Nights in London london 2003 3 CD $65 USD ex con
sing a little bit of these workingman blues 11 & 12 nov 06 3 CD $65 US ex con
not dark yet 98 2 CD $40 US ex con
guitar man (27 march 2007) 2 CD $40 US ex con
supper club first show 17 nov 93 1 CD $25 USD ex con
summer in spain vol 2 5 july 08 2 CDR $30 US ex con
exclusive series 94 1 CD $25 US ex con
exclusive series 95 1 CD $25 US ex con
moving on holland 2005 2 CD $45 US ex mcon
more sunrises 90 1 CD $25 US ex con
scandinavium 2005 2 CD $45 US ex con
a dog that talks 2 CD $35 US ex con
Price does not include reg post, postage cost  to be met by buyer.  They are still in plastic covers except zeo 8

  New Zealand
Attached is a list of current original silver-pressed Dylan CDs for sale. I hate to part with these from my personal collection, but times are tight and I have too many CDs lying around. These discs guaranteed to be in MINT condition. I also priced them below what these have been selling for on Ebay and elsewhere—many are “must haves” from Bobsboots.com. If there is anything you want to purchase, please e-mail me ASAP to reserve since I only have 1 copy of each. I listed them chronologically by performance date to make it easier to find what you are looking for:

Radio Unnameable March 1963 – Hen 093 LONG OUT OF PRINT $25
In Concert (New York—Town Hall 4/12/63 & Carnegie Hall 10/26/63) — Wild Wolf 6401 $20
Genuine Live 1966 – 8CD GOLD DISCS Scorpio w/2 booklets, postcards & poster $200

Friends and Other Strangers (New Orleans, LA, 5/3/76 soundboard) 2 CD $55
The Dogs Are Barking (Rotterdam, Netherlands 6/23/78) – Thinman 068/69 2CD $45
Blackbushe 1978 (Blackbushe Aerodome, Surrey, UK 7/15/78) – Thinman 018/19 2CD $45
Live At the Pitstop 78 – Gaza Strip (Seattle, 11/10/78) – Wanted Man WMM 43/44 2CD $45
1980’s studio sessions
God Only Knows (Shot of Love demos/outtakes, Rundown Studios, March/April 1981) — Sunflower Sun 001 VERY RARE $50
Outside the Empire (speed-corrected Empire Burlesque studio outtakes) – Wanted Man WMM60 OUT OF PRINT $40
Oh Mercy Outtakes – Wanted Man Music 454 OUT OF PRINT $40

Hanging in the Balance (Bad Segeberg, West Germany 7/14/81) – Thinman 014/15 2CD $40

San Jose Revisited (San Jose State University 5/9/92) – KTS093 LONG OUT OF PRINT $40
The Real Sound (Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA 9/8/93) – Red Sky Records CD 1014 RARE $40
Shelter from the Storm (Krakow, Poland, 7/17/94) – Thinman 011 $25
Every Night About This Time (Monterey, CA 5/27/95) – Oxygen 059 VERY RARE $40
Exclusive Series ’95 (1995 live compilation) – ES 003 OUT OF PRINT $30
You Ain’t Going Nowhere (San Jose Arena, University of Texas 11/14/97) – Exclusive Series In Concert ’97 ES008 1/2 2CD $40
Good To Be In New York (Irving Plaza 12/8/97) – Exclusive Series In Concert ’97 – ES017 1/2 2CD $45
Shadows Are Falling (Sweden 6/6/98) Waveband 09 $25

Anaheim, California, 10th March 2000 – The Fugitive TF CFD 2002 LONG OUT OF PRINT $35

Don’t Talk to Strangers (Cologne, Germany 5/11/00) – Strange Records SR2021/22 2CD RARE $50
Sheffield 2000 (Sheffield, England 9/22/00) – Crystal Cat 559-60 2CD $55
True Love Needs No Company (Munster, Germany 10/1/00) – Euro Boots EB67/2 2CD $65
Trailing Moss In Mystic Glow (Milwaukee, WI 10/28/01 & St. Paul, MN 10/25/01) — Rattlesnake 087/88 2CD $65
Tampa Dee & Tampa Dum (Tampa, FL 2/2/02 w/Dickie Betts) – Tambourine Man 032/033 2CD $50
Tomorrow Is Never Gonna Be the Same Again (various shows 8/2-12/02) – Scorpio/Wild Wolf 2CD $60
Pointed Shoes and Shakespeare Hats (Rotterdam, Netherlands 10/28/05) – Rattlesnake RS191/92 2CD $50
Birmingham 2007 (Birmingham, England 4/17/2007) – Crystal Cat 826-27 2CD $55
Europe Modern Times (Modern Times live compilation March/April 2007 European Tour) $25
The Genuine Bootleg Series - Fourth Time Around 1961-2006 – 3CD Scorpio *SEALED* $175

GWW - purchased in Berkeley in 1969 all plain white labels, sleeves and jackets.
Hold the Fort for What it's Worth - green and gold w/silver labels.
Price: GWW $125  Hold the Fort for What it's Worth $75
Shipping cost/instructions/etc: You pay shipping Contact for arangements.
SF Bay Area

Selling my small collection of Bob Dylan CDs.10 original silver CDs. All are in very fine condition.

A Dark Night On The Spanish Stairs, 2CD, 69US    

A Voice From On High, 3CD, 79US

All Hallows Eve, 2CD, 69US

Answer Me, 2CD, 69US

Eating Caviar in a King-Sized Bed, 2CD, 79US

Got A Line On You, 2CD, 39US

Modern Minstrel, 2CD, 69US    

Nashville 1969, 1CD, 49US    

Sun Beating At The Altar, 1CD, 59US

The Oldest Son Of A Crazy Man, 3CD, 99US

For Sale: Lost Photos of Dylan 1978
Item: 25 35mm BW Negatives, CloseUps 1978 Portland, OR--All rights released
Price: $3500  E-mail for sample proof sheet 
Shipping cost/instructions/etc:To Be Negotiated by Buyer
For Sale:  "Tarantula" by Bob Dylan; very cool bilingual Swedish-English version published by Bakhall that includes a CD of the Klas Burling interview of 1966. This copy is in mint shape, stlll sealed in shrinkwrap.  $35
For Sale: Silver CD’s (Many of bob's best)  
Item: E-mail me for your wants and prices
Price: Will accept offers
(All money will be listed in USA $ unless noted)
Shipping cost/instructions/etc: Shipping per Priority airmail
For sale;
A collection of 2300 Cassette tapes of Dylan.
From the period 1960 till 2000.
Almost complete. Shows, concerts and more. Most in good quality.
1200 cassettes in 2 small oak wood cupboards. Each with 20 drawers.
The rest in cardboard boxes.
Min. price 600 euro. incl. 2 small cupboards. Excellent shipping rate.
Wim de Keijser   Tarweveld 4    6641 SK Beuningen    The Netherlands
Name Wim de Keijser
For Sale: Siver cd sets:
The great resurection 60
Casino Royale 60
Weiner club of spalding 60
The end of Summer 60
Between saved and shot ( digipack) 30
covering them 30
It's alright 60
Tell it like it is 35
Name Chris Quigley
Country: Canada

For Sale:
All money is listed in European Euro Currency
Shipping cost/instructions/etc:10 € for each LP/DoubleLP for registered mail
to Europe & USA/ Canada. other Countries email me
Payments can made by Paypal. I will send instructions then.

I will sell following items because I have them double, all are in mint
condition. I am not a retailer, but serious Vinyl Collector and owned these Items for

Los Angeles 1965      Picture Disc with other Picture than on the website €60
Stars of '66 volume 3       2 black vinyl LP set € 50
a la carte volume one       Picture Disc €60
Royal Albert Hall  1966 Later European versions     green vinyl LP with Bob cartoon labels € 50
Royal Albert Hall  1966 Later European versions    white/multicolor LP with  blank silver labels € 50
True confessions        2 multicoloured Vinyl LP set €75
GWW live 1961      white vinyl LP €50
Seven days       2 vinyl LPs one clear, one snow white €60
Only a hobo      splatter vinyl LP €50
Only a hobo     black vinyl LP €36
Number one    matrix no.660, a standard two sided LP with color vinyl  without label €45
Minstrel boy    multicolored splatter vinyl LP €50
Live down under      purple marble vinyl with the standard TAKRL labels €40
Live down under      m.c. splatter vinyl w/ Bob cartoon labels with Interview 7” and poster € 55
Live at the Bear 63       yellow-multicolored splatter vinyl with Bob  cartoon labels €50
Now and then       black vinyl with 'Ruthless Rhymes' labels €36
Down in the flood      pink vinyl with TAKRL labels €50
Live adventures of Bob Dylan and Jerry Garcia       black vinyl LP with
green fake label “A fox in the Warfield” TSP016 €65

And following other rare Vinyls:
Travelling Wilburys Vol.1 LP    (German Release) used but in very good condition  €20
Travelling Wilburys – Wilbury Twist 12”    (German Release) used but in very good condition  €40

International buyers can pay with paypal
bobsboots.com has investigated Chris and found him to be a very reputable trader
Name Chris
Country: Germany
For sale
From the Heart 1,2, and 3 ( original siver, new)
( 1965 studio outtakes, the 1965 Trade Hall concert, Newport 65+various)
 Price: Euros 45
Michel R
Country: France
For Sale:
Lots of Dylan vinyl, boxed sets, picture discs, color vinyl, limited edition, forever changing stock, will take want lists
Item: Too many to list
Price: anything from $10 to $500
(All money will be listed in USA $ unless noted)
Shipping cost/instructions/etc:
Cheap shipping to USA , only 6 dollars 
Dylan Records
ebay user: lp.rarities
Country: United Kingdom
 i have a lot original  dylan bootlegs if anyone interested drop me a mail
Gert / u24all
Original Bob Dylan/Neil Young/The Band S.N.A.C.K.
album from '75 on Vibrator records, splatter vinyl. Jacket: vg 
Vinyl: weak VG (play graded) audible clicks/pops, three skips on "The Weight".
Price: $45, negotiable
Lindsey Nelson

For Sale:Various Crystal Cat, Main Stream, Wild Wolf, Scorpio and Tambourine Man real silver-pressed CDs. Please email for list and prices. Bob Walker
I have 2 extremely rare Jimi hendrix experience Bootlegged vinyl records for sale!!
Both contain Dylan's All Along The Watchtower. They were bought somewhere around 1968-1969 from a market in London, England. One came with a totally blank cover and is on a totally blank white Label, the other LP is named Live Experience 1967-1968 with a U.K laminated cover and the labels on both sides are black and they only say: 'Voodoo Chile' Live Experience 1967-1968. Both Records are in mint- condition and covers are also mint-. The totally blank record has a sticker ripped off on top right hand side on the cover and next to it says "wow!" in pen(mostlikely was a price sticker was pulled off). I am not sure where they were recorded but, they are both very good performances. I am taking offers for these records by email. If you are interested please email me at jon-e-charles@rogers.com . Please do not post replies on this site because i do not have time to come back and check replies. Please realize that these are extremely rare records and are worth quite a lot of money. You rarely come across Jimi Hendrix experience Bootlegs. I will send pictures upon request and I will give you the shipping cost if you intend to purchase. You can purchase both or just one. This does not have to be sold in a "lot".  I will also trade for other LPs, depending on condition and pressing. 
Price: Taking Offers 
Jon E. Charles
For Sale: 
Original silver disc, unplayed (ended up with 2 copies by mistake!)
Price: Would prefer to trade for either Genuine Bootleg Series One or Two, but would consider elling for a decent offer
Shipping cost/instructions/etc: to be discussed
Ian Molloy 
I have the following Dylan items. If you're interested, please make an offer. 
Thanks. Gary

Crawdaddy 12.75 Marlon Brando holding rifle cover; BOB DYLAN on TV; Woody Guthrie on film; LP reviews of Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, Monty Python 

Creem 2/1976 DYLAN cover and exclusive interview; also The Who, Roxy Music, Lou Reed, Crosby &Nash, Patti Smith, 10cc; nm in slipcase

Modern H-Fi &Music 11.75 BOB DYLAN cover: The Inside Story at Last; STEPHEN STILLS: On the Road with Stephen; Janis Ian: At 23; Martin Mull
Musician 3.91 JERRY GARCIA with bearded ELVIS COSTELLO (with arm slung around Jerry) cover and interviews (called the "wildest double interview ever"); PINK FLOYD, JONI MITCHELL

People 11.10.75 BOB DYLAN cover and interview; Norman Mailer
People 11.10.75 BOB DYLAN cover and interview; Norman Mailer

Rolling Stone 7.27.78 PATTI SMITH cover wearing see-through blouse with fire behind her; NEIL YOUNG'S world tour; Olivia Newton-John; Carlene Carter; David Johansen; Nils Lofgren; LP reviews of Bruce Springsteen, Jerry Garcia Band, Bob Weir, , Bob Seger, Johnny Cash, Dead Boys

Rolling Stone 11.16.78 BOB DYLAN cover and interview with Bob wearing white cowboy hat and playing white electric guitar; YES in the round; Meatloaf; Bill Graham to Close Winterland; AC/DC: LP reviews of Van Morrison, Beach Boys, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jerry Lee Lewis, Leo Kottke 

Rolling Stone 5.19.77 VAN MORRISON interview; BEATLES lose live LP battle/Allen Klein indicted; JENNIFER WARNES; MUDDY WATERS; LP reviews of John Coltrane, Van Morrison, The Band, Return to Forever; Hollies, Southside Johnny, Elliott Murphy, Bad Company; White House whiz kids cover

Q 10.91 DAVID BOWIE and SIMPLY RED cover; ROBBIE ROBERTSON; Special 16-page booklet with DIRE STRAITS interview
Spin 1.92 NIRVANA cover and story "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" 
Spin 6.91 JANE'S ADDICTION cover; "Is BOB DYLAN Dead" story; JAMES BROWN post-jail interview; Bob Marley, Pere Ubu record review

Vox 5.91 16-page DOORS special; DEBBIE HARRY CENTERFOLD POSTER; A second music magazine, Record Hunter, with Pink Floyd and The Band on cover, is stapled into magazine; Beautiful South cover.

BOB DYLAN FANZINES (Isis, Look Back and Telegraph are all British imports) 
Isis April 1990, Issue 30 
Isis June 1990, Issue 31 
Isis October 1990, Issue 33 
Isis December 1990, Issue 34 
Isis February 1991, Issue 35 
Isis April 1991, Issue 36 
Isis June 1991, Issue 37 
Isis August 1991, Issue 38 
Look Back Summer 1991, Issue 28; color cover of Dylan &George Harrison singing together; back color cover 
Telegraph, The Spring 1991, #38; Bob Dylan with arm around Brian Wilson color front cover; color back cover

For sale by owner: 

1. Stealin' - original 1969 Har-Kub pre-TMQ version. White cover w/ small 
crooked black hand stamped title. Light green label with song titles on both 
sides. These guys were walking through the student union selling them so I 
bought one. Slight wear on cover. Slight wear on vinyl. Listed in Bob's 
Boots database. What is it worth, these days? Make offer. 

2. Troubled Troubador - TMQ matrix 1856 B/D. Includes orange insert. Orange 
cover with no title. Black vinyl with no-name TMQ label. This is not in the 
database on the bobsboot site unless the site data is in error. Make offer. 

3. The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan - NM vinyl Columbia 360 stereo LP with 
original cellophane that has 4K330 stamped in the upper right of the 
cellophane. Red label with black center letters and white outter letters. 
There is a 1 in the lower right hand corner. matrix is XSM 58719 3BC on side 
one and XSM 58720 2AG on side 2. Make offer. 

You pay shipping to USA.

Alex Millar
For Sale: 
I have the following original silver CD boots with original packaging, and would like to trade to the best offer.   Looking for piles of CDRs!  Email me if you have any offer or interest. 

Dylan: Crystal Cat Borgholm 2001 (2 CD) 
Dylan: Crystal Cat Spokane 2001 (2 CD) 
Dylan: Crystal Cat Copenhagen 2002 (2 CD) 
Dylan: From The Heart Volume 1 (1 CD) 
Dylan: From The Heart Volume 2 (1 CD) 
Dylan: From The Heart Volume 3 (1 CD) 
Dylan: Blood On The Tapes (1 CD) 
Doors: Live At The Matrix March 1967 (1 CD) 
Frank Sinatra: Live At Budokan April 26, 1985 (1 CD) 
Jimi Hendrix: Live At The Fillmore East December 31st 1969-January 1st 1970 (1 CD) 
Patti Smith(with Bob Dylan): Chicago, IL June 15th, 2000 (2 CD) 
Santana: Live Santana (2 CD) 
Tom Waits: Ebbett's Field October 8th, 1974 (1 CD) 

For Sale: Various books and original songbooks 
DYLAN - Jonathan Cott (Hardback) - 1984 - £10
Rain Unravelled Tales - 2nd Edition - 1982 - £5 
More Rain Unravelled Tales - 1st edition - 1984 - £5
Bob Dylan-An Illustrated History - Michael Gross - Hardback - 1979 - £10 
Tangled Up In Tapes - Glen Dundas - 1987 - £5
Who's Gonna Go To Hell For Anybody (1981 Tour) - Lee Anderson Right'Stone - 1983 - £5 
A Folio Of Bob Dylan Songs - 6 Basement Tapes songs - very early publication - £5
Bob Dylan-The Original - Songbook of very early 60's material - Warner Bros - £5 
Bob Dylan - A Collection - songbook of early 60's songs - Warner Bros - £5 
Hot Wacks - Issue 20/21 - 1980 - nice article on Street Legal by David Alan Phillips
Mark Sturgis

Go To Items For Sell

Wanted Item(s) Contact:
Recording or photos from Sept. 1, 1990 Dylan show at Swiss Villa Amphitheater in Lampe, MO

Price:  For Trade
Shipping cost/instructions/etc:  Will arrange
NEW Spring 2010
Name: Mark Miller
Country: USA
Simmonscourt 1989 Boot
ThinMan Records 2010

NEW Spring 2010
Name:Shane O'B
Wanted: Clouds Of Blood                                                   Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Thinman / 062/063
Source / Venue:                                                                
Released:   August 2008
Reno, Nevada   September 27, 1998                                       Quality:     9½ stars
Name:Oscar Montes
I'm looking to trade for all of your unwanted or spare original silver
disc bootlegs! Bob Dylan and any other bands are welcome. I will offer
10-1 cdr's for them. My collection is at http://www.sahr.com/myboots.txt
and I also have everything on http://www.woodstockproject.com
I'm agreeable to paying for shipping if we trade a bunch! :)
Name:Kenny Sahr
Vintage Bob Dylan Concert Psters
Bob Dylan concert posters wanted.  I am looking for original Dylan concert posters from the 1960's.  I will pay TOP $$$. Buying all sizes.
All sizes, and condition accepted.  Trades possible.
For more info please email me.  Thank you
Ralph DeLuca

Country: USA
Wanted: Has anyone got videos of Dylan for sale
Price depends on what it is (no pirates of official material)

Wanted: Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte 2cd (Dandelion )  .... as well as many titles released in the '90s or earlier.
Price: open to negotiation

Name KLS
Country: USA
Wanted:  The Gaslight Tape   Genuine Bootleg Series 1, 2 & 3
The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan Outtakes (1999 or 1994 issue)
Thin Wild Mercury Music   A Fool Such as I   Peco's Blues or Lucky Luke
prices: name your price, but dont go to o.t.t
Alex Lange
Northampton, England

Wanted: Item: In The Rain (Poland) Original CD please
Price: Name your price
Shipping cost/instructions/etc: Global priority airmail insured.

Keith Ravenscroft
Wanted:  CD's:
I Was So Much Younger Then
Thin Wild Mercury Music (Not CDR Version)
Toad's Place Volumes 1 & 2
Tree With Roots (White Bear Edition only)
White Dove
I am only interested in mint (inserts and discs) genuine complete original
issues, not copies or cdr's of any sort please.
Alias EP
"European Box" (20 LP Set)
Real Cuts At Last
Together We're Strong (Special Edition 4 Picture Disc Version)
I am only interested in true mint minus or better (cover and vinyl)
complete copies.
Will buy (can pay via Pay Pal) or trade for genuine cd issues of non Dylan
artists - sorry: I don't have any Dylan to trade :-( - feel free to send
trade request lists ONLY if you actually have any of the above items for trade

Mike F.
Country: USA
Wanted:Scorpio 6-DVD set "The Genuine Telecasts 1963-2002"
(aka Stoked)

Wanted: original silver discs: 
1) The Freewheelin' Outtakes (Vigotone) 
2) The Minnesota Tapes (Wanted Man Music) 
Willing to buy or trade.
Wanted: Six Days In June Vol. 3
Wembley Stadium, 27th June 1998
Graham Phillips
Wanted: Crystal Cat recordings of either Bournemouth 2002 or Cardiff 2002 shows, or Birmingham 2003. Thanks! Dawn
Wanted:Crystal Cat CD of Dylan in Aberdeen 16 September 2000 JIM COBBE
Wanted: Any Traveling Wilburys 
Jo Harding at Roundstone Books, 29 Moor Lane, Clitheroe, Lancashire UK BB7 1BE 
01200 444242 
http://www.roundstonebooks.co.uk visit
Jo Harding
looking for great white wonder first issue version Matteo Tuckruskye
Original silver 2 CD set of Dylan's "All Hallow's Eve. Willing to buy or trade.
David Avila

Wanted: I am interested in any recording session material for "Blood on the Tracks" that is not already officially available or unofficially available on the "Blood on the Outtakes" bootleg CD. Name: Rob Sica 

Wanted:Bob Live at Stirling Castle 2001 on CD Bryan
wanted bootlegs: (original silver discs)
Hold the Fort for what it's worth (Live 76) 
Avignon (Live 81) 
Soul (Live 96) 
Genuine bootleg Series, 2 
Melbourne (Live 66)
ROBERT Michel 
Old posters, 45s, magazines, fanzines, pictures, anything 
Will offer cash or dylan shows (I am complete) 
I can also add many 1st generation DVDs
Phil Monnier
Trader page
Washington DC, USA
WANTED: "Folksinger's Choice"  Source - C. Goody Radio Show
WANTED: "Freewheelin'" BD out takes.
Bill Flynn 
Wanted:  "Gypsy Lou" mp3 or CD 
The actual "Gypsy Lou" is still alive (in her 70s) and 
a friend would like to get her a copy of this song. 

Traders:  if you wish to trade and can receive shipments 
in the U.S. I have a copy of an old bootleg called, "Let 
Me Die in my Footsteps" but it is quite amateurish-ly
produced and the vinyl quality is most likely poor.  I 
ship within the U.S. only, sorry. 

Shipping cost/instructions/etc:  would be delighted 
to be able to download this song online but if it 
must be shipped, please let me know the cost 

Name:  Mary 
Country:  U.S. 
Wanted:CD of Cardiff 6 May 2002 on Crystal Cat please.  Nick Sorensen
Wanted: Bob Dylan Vinyl, especially May your song always be sung Jochen
Wanted: Looking for silver disc original of Dylan with Mick Taylor Live at 
Paleurs.  Will pay or trade as you wish.  NO COPIES OF ANY SORT PLEASE. 
Paul K. 



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