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It has come to our attention that eBay is, at times, flooded with homemade CDr's that are being sold as original boot releases.

As Bob Dylan boot releases are not authorized by SONY, their copyright claims are invalid.

There is no legitimate revenue lost by these boot discs being recorded at home, and redistributed.

HOWEVER.... There is an intrinsic monetary value associated with a factory produced boot silver CD and package.

Collectors are willing to pay a premium price, knowing that there are only a few hundred pieces produced.

In the case of a homemade CDr, there is NO VALUE associated with it!!! Anyone with a PC or MAC can make them.

They are comparable in value to a homemade cassette tape (No value other than the music).

The unwary buyer finds themselves with a worthless CDr. The same music could have been obtained for free from a trader.
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Here is a rule of thumb: If there are numbers that have been ink printed onto the clear (see photo) center ring, it's a CDr. Silver masters do not use this technique of identification. The ink used for printing these identifications on a CDr is most difficult (if not impossible) to remove without damaging the fragile plastic disc. Remember... there are some commercial distributors that produce a CDr package. Check with the images and reviews on the bobsboots.com website before making any boot purchases.  Some CDr manufacturers are no longer using this means of identification. With a clear label pasted onto an un-inked CD-r, detection in a photo becomes all but impossible. Worse yet, there are now home printers available that will print directly onto the CD. If you are buying on eBay, spend a little extra and get buyer's protection. Once you have the package, examine the artwork. It is still relatively easy to spot an insert that has been ink jet printed onto a punched out, folded on the spine sides, card stock (or worse yet, plain paper). The majority of boot manufacturers use thin stock that have folded spine sides that are perforated at the fold. They have been printed via professional mass produced offset print methods. The ink won't run, and the edges are cut razor smooth. Many homemade covers still bear the micro perforated paper edges that are the tell-tale sign of a punched out, home printed cover. Lastly, turn the disc to its shiny play side, and look at the die stamped id numbers in the center ring. Most times they will match with the catalog or skew number on the package. Through one or all of these methods, one should be able to spot a CD-r. If the seller is selling several titles, he knows what he's doing. If he won't return your money, collect from eBay. Turn him in as a bad faith seller.
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I'd just like to thank you for printing my warning to eBay buyers. Bootlegs
are constantly being copied and sold on eBay. I collect bootlegs solely for
the purpose that I know they will be major collectors items someday.
Bootlegs are all made in limited pressings, and most of the companies have
been busted, so original copies are becoming increasingly harder to find.
Vigotone, Midnight Beat, Sea Of Tunes, and Dumb Angel are all defunct
Beatles/Beach Boys/Dylan labels that offered superb CD's and amazing
packaging. Vigotone.com is a great place for information on Vigotone fakes.
It also features info on all packaging details and specs of every CD
released. As a collector nothing compares to finding one of the ultimately
scarce Moonlight, Yellow Dog, Scorpio or Rattlesnake release at an
International record fair. And since they are such popular items, I
constantly come across CDR copies being sold, and the sad thing is that some
people put up a hefty price to pay for a slick CDR reproduction, not knowing
that it is.  I see things go on eBay for $100+ that are CDR's! It's very
deceiving for the naive collector!
I visit the site for updates every day. A treasure trove for all bobcats.
Keep up the good work.
Keith Ravenscroft

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